200 hour Course Description

The Professional Pet Grooming Course                                                                 
Course           (200 hours)            $3,300.00                                                                                                                                                                            
Equipment Text book & supplies  $ 750.00                
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The Professional dog grooming Course is a ten-week course of divided exercises which includes 122 hours practical laboratory
experience, 18 hours lectures and demonstrations on subjects such as: Anatomy; Physiology; Animal behavior; Canine Breed Standards
and Grooming; and Business Management, and 60 hours of practical career experience.  
Unit I                                         Introduction to Dog Grooming
This unit includes an orientation which covers: School policies and procedures, basic grooming techniques, the use and maintenance of
the Equipment Kit, the school's equipment and sanitation, anatomy, external parasites, the American Kennel Club (it’s purpose and
functions), the AKC Working Breed standards and grooming procedures and canine behavior and handling. (1/2 hour demo 1/2 hour class)
Unit 2                                                 Mixed Breed Grooming
Grooming procedures for mixed breed dogs will be the focus of this unit, including clipping and scissoring techniques. Topics included in
this unit are. Equipment maintenance. First Aid and CPR, and The AKC Herding breed standards. (1/2 hour demo 1/2 hour class)
Unit 3                                         Grooming the Curly Coated Breeds
Grooming patterns and techniques for the Bichon and Poodle.  Internal parasites, nutrition, and the AKC Non-Sporting breed standards.   
(1/2 hour demo l/2 hour class)
Unit 4                                         Grooming the Curly Coated Breeds
Continue grooming patterns for the Poodle. Internal Health. Modified patterns for the Maltese, Yorkshire terrier, and Shih tzu. Identify the Toy
breeds and their standards. (1/2 hour demo 1/2 hour class)
Unit 5                                                       Canine Internal Health
Pattern grooming for the Spaniel breeds. AKC Sporting breeds and their standards. Systemic health problems and vaccinations. (1/2 hour
demo 1/2 hour class).
Unit 6                                                 Grooming the Terrier Breeds
AKC Hounds and Terrier breed standards. Pattern grooming for Terriers. Handling dogs of old age.  Epilepsy, seizures, shock and stroke.
(1/2 hour demo 1/2 hour class)
Unit 7                                                         Terrier Grooming
Continue pattern grooming for the Terrier breeds.  Practice blending patterns and prepare for final hands-on exams.
Unit 8                                                          Technicians Skills
General Technicians knowledge and skills such as: First Aid, CPR, External parasites, insecticides & parasite control, common skin
problems, basic canine knowledge.  Prepare for final written exam.  
Unit 9                                                                          Finals
Written: Breed Identification and Health.
Hands-on: Poodle, Spaniel, and Terrier.
Unit 10                                                   Practical Career Experience
During this unit, students will utilize their learned skills and apply their knowledge to practical experiences in order to better prepare them
for the fast paced schedule of the working professional.  Emphasis is placed on improving technique, increasing speed and improving
skills to ensure that each graduate is proficient, competent and professional in their chosen field.
Client relations are examined in depth. The students will develop interpersonal skills by practicing in the reception area answering the
telephone, checking pets in and out, and selling and recommending retail merchandise when needed. Record keeping is also discussed
and the students learn to keep accurate records of their clients by creating and maintaining a customer file.